Ice breaking for the US and China?

Biden and Xi met yesterday agreeing need for better relationships at the G20 summit in Bali. It was the first face to face meeting since Biden assuming office two years ago.

Biden and Xi’s Tub Fight

US President Joe Biden said the US would defend Taiwan if China attacked, but a White House spokesman later told some US media outlets that his remarks did not signify a change in policy.

Seems like tensions will keep soaring in the Taiwan Strait…

The 20th Anniversary of 911

The president of United States Biden has ended America’s longest war. Now the soldiers are back, but the image of twin towers burning 20 years ago is still there and would never go away…

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Taliban taking over Kabul faster than ever expected

The world was shocked by horrifying scenes of desperate Afghans swarming at Kabul’s international airport, grasping at their last chance to escape a country now completely overrun by the Taliban.

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Enough for 2020

It’s been a terrible year with the pandemic going on, but that’s not the only big news in 2020 here in Taiwan. In January, we had our presidential election, which resulted in a landslide win for the DDP.

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